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    I've had my Priv about 6 months now. Love the thing. Now admittedly, I'm horrible about updating anything technical and I don't speak the lingo. All I know is that in mid October, my phone all on its own installed a system update that did wonders. It would go down maybe 7% max in a day (before I'd be down to about 55 or 40% if it was a busy day) and it never got warmer than room temperature. So I've been good about trying to keep it updated since.

    Last week I installed another system update and it's been flipping out ever since. Screen freezes or sometimes won't turn on, it burns up when it's just sitting on the desk, eats the battery like there's no tomorrow (down to 17% in less than 12 hours yesterday), and the most annoying, randomly restarts itself 2-3 times a day.

    I've also noticed for a while that sometimes incoming calls won't come through, and sporadically it loses signal for no apparent reason sitting still. I don't know if this is related.

    My carrier is PureTalk, so I probably can't take it to the AT&T store. It's unlocked so I can use my "off brand" carrier but don't know if a factory reset will undo that. I haven't installed any new apps lately and actually have removed a few in case they were the culprit, to no avail.

    Any way I can fix this myself?

    Model is STV100-1.
    01-11-18 07:03 AM
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    Keeping your PRIV "updated" should be pretty easy going forward.... as Oct was the last update from BlackBerry. Maybe it too yours this long to get it from AT&T??

    First I'd try clearing your device Cache... look in Settings > Storage

    If that doesn't do it, I'd try a Factory Reset.... make sure you have Google Backup going and manually backup any apps that have that option. Reload the OS and test.

    If still an issue do a Factory Reset without restoring your data (start all over).
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    01-11-18 07:48 AM

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