1. ges74's Avatar
    Folks, PLEASE HELP ME. I have been suffering through this with my PRIV since I began work travel in spring of this year.

    I am based in NC and venture up the East Coast every other week, and my dialer freezes up intermittently, both in my home area, but most frequently when I am outside my home area. I don't know whether it's pre-freezing (ie frozen for a while already and becomes apparent when I go to use it) or it freezes when I try to use it. Then I have to re-boot the phone and it's fine...for a few hours, a few days, the timing is absolutely random until the next time it strikes. There were days when I would have to reboot my phone 5 times and entire trips when it will not happen at all. I will note that this used to happen occasionally in my home area as well, but far more frequently when I was up North. Then the issues subsided (for the most part) for several months, until a couple weeks ago. Now it's back to freezing with regularity both up North and in NC (probably 5 times in the past 2 weeks).

    What is going on? I'm on T-Mobile, so there shouldn't be any difference between home and roaming areas, right? I don't need to/there's no way to update towers or whatever that's called?

    The freezing happens with both RocketDialer and the native phone app on the PRIV.

    Anyone else have similar issues? Any ideas on what I could do?

    Many thanks.
    11-15-17 10:04 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Have you tried doing a Factory Reset? I'd start there, next I'd try a new SIM or simply contact T-Mobile support.
    11-15-17 11:55 AM
  3. ges74's Avatar
    Have you tried doing a Factory Reset? I'd start there, next I'd try a new SIM or simply contact T-Mobile support.
    I have been trying to avoid that at all costs.
    Well, I finally did it (actually I'm on my fourth round now)
    The issues start when I set up my google account - no other apps installed.
    11-16-17 02:24 PM

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