1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    My Priv started acting weird. Could not turn off screen with power so rebooted. Reboot now takes me into bootloader with 4 options 1. barcodes 2. Continue the bootip 3. Reboot into fastboot 4. Turn off device
    However the vol up/down keys do not respond so I cannot select.
    I can go into SAFE mode by pressing power and middle button (is this same as fastboot?). Safe mode has limited apps and basic things work.
    Shutting down brings me back to bootloader again.
    I was trying to go to fastboot to use autoloader to reload OS but I cannot get there.
    I tried resetting to factory by erasing all in settings but it goes to bootloader.
    Can anyone give me any ideas? BB support says my warranty is up by a few days so they will not help. So much for a lifetime of support for BB devices.
    03-27-17 01:25 PM
  2. mainely_linux's Avatar
    It sounds like you have some buttons sticking, which would account for your device acting oddly when it was running. I would attempt to have your phone serviced under warranty. If you are into cellphone repair, you might remove the housing and check for dirt/gunk fillling the gaps on your volume rockers. This would certainly void your warranty so I would try to have it serviced as soon as possible before any other measures.
    03-27-17 02:34 PM

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