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    So when I got my Priv I set up my Gmail account with my calendar & it displays 3 categories. Events, Contact Birthdays & Holidays.

    As I make events, I can choose whether it shows me as busy, available, etc. Holidays, by default, show me as available. Contact birthdays, by default, show me as busy. While this is a useful reminder to help me be a good friend, I don't really need to be 'busy' every day someone has a bday.

    There aren't a ton of settings in the BlackBerry Calendar. I can change the category color & add/remove the category entirely but that's about it. I've even downloaded Google Calendar to see if I can toggle the setting to 'show as available', to no avail.

    Has anyone ran into this? It's not a huge deal but I'm wondering if my notifications will be muted if I show as 'busy'.
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    05-03-17 08:45 PM
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    Hi, I just ignore the Busy thing. I have noticed that it's only on google calendar that it does this. It doesn't make any difference to notifications, what you are referring to is 'meeting mode' which is available in the settings. That silences notifications.

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    05-04-17 12:38 AM
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    I appreciate the reply. My main concern was missing notifications since bdays are all-day events. Thanks for the input.
    05-04-17 09:37 PM

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