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    I have a Priv running 6.0.1 with the May security update. It's out of warranty now.

    Suddenly, all of my bluetooth devices have dropped in range...to arms length now before stuttering to eventual disconnection. I've tested three different headphones, a speaker and my car...all have similar results.

    I've tried many of the things previously mentioned...including flashing back to the April OS version with a full wipe. I have even tested with no additional apps other than stock installed apps. Nothing seems to have changed.

    What else can I do? Is likely a hardware issue and if so....how can I get it fixed...or should I even bother?

    I'm near Toronto.
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    06-01-17 03:13 PM
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    Hello you have probably disabled, erased all devices you had stored, done a 32 second reset holding down power button for at least that time and set up again.
    Also in a week or so comes the June security patch hopefully that helps also.
    Good luck
    06-01-17 05:27 PM

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