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    I lost the whole contents of my BBZ10 because of not being able to remember my password. I had on it many still functioning apps (even though they were retired from BB World). YES I know that they can be found as Android apps and NO, I would prefer NOT to use them but instead to use the Blackberry version if it only would humanly be possible.

    These 'lost' apps that I once downloaded (and still worked this week until I managed to destroy my device) and that I would very much like to have on my "brand new, now formatted device" as Blackberry .bar apps are:

    - Daily Mail Blackberry app
    - Daily Express BlackBerry app
    - London Evening Standard app

    On top of this, I would (almost literally) kill in order to get the login for Tweetian 10 to work again. That app is, on contrary to those functioning apps mentioned above, still available on BlackBerry World, but it is not possible to login (it gives a 302 error).

    Is there anything to be done for any of those things mentioned above, if "Android version" is not a preferable option for any of the above? Well, for Tweetian 10 it would be, but there are no equally good (even with its imperfections, including non-working in-reply-to function) Twitter apps for either BB or Android; trust me, I've tried.

    Could anyone of you please tell me if there is any alternate dl site where I could obtain all or any of those apps mentioned above in .bar -format? As they are free, I guess asking for this isn't a crime..

    I would very much appreciate any help in this
    10-02-16 04:01 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    i believe the only way you can find those apks is to get them from someone who has kept them in a safe location....like a cloud storage. And someone who is willing to share.
    10-02-16 10:02 AM

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