1. rjsdavis's Avatar
    Hello to all

    I'm having major problems trying to get any WA data off a BB10 handset. I won't even go into the original BB version of WA, which won't even load past the "your time and date settings are wrong - go away" screen.

    I installed the cracked version of Google Play, following the brilliant instructions on here, and then downloaded the full Android app from Google Play, and have been using it. I don't know if everyone has the same trouble, but it will perform a local back-up and will not back-up to Google Drive. It simply says "unable to access your account at this time, please try again later" when you try to select a valid gmail account to back-up to!

    Therefore, is it possible to connect to the phone, and simply upload the correct files from the phone (from the local back-up?) and stick them in the right place on Google Drive, so that when you install WA onto a new Android phone, it will then find them on your Google Drive and install them?

    Many thanks
    12-31-18 06:10 PM
  2. rjsdavis's Avatar
    I'd really appreciate any WhatsApp guru's assistance to this also. I've got three Z10's to shift the WA content from, to BB Android devices!
    01-27-19 05:22 PM

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