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    I love my Priv, but I just can't stand how its personal dictionary is so bare. I had the Q5 before, and its autocorrect was excellent. I only needed to add the occasional obscure/idiosyncratic word. But with the Priv, "comics" gets corrected to "comes", "sucks" gets autocorrected to something else or gets the squiggly red lines under it, "****" is also apparently not a word that the Priv recognizes, and there are so many other examples that just drive me insane!

    I know you can manually add words to the personal dictionary to help Priv autocorrect better. But when I have to add common words like "****" it's just so frustrating. Is there any way to load a premade word list into the Priv? Like someone else's word list that already has all these common words added to them. Or maybe something like a better English input language than the one already on the device?

    Do you know what I'm talking about and can think of a solution that isn't just "manually add each new word to your personal dictionary"?
    02-20-18 02:37 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Not possible.
    02-20-18 03:57 PM

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