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    I have been trying to figure out why my battery life is so poor if I select WiFi off. I'm running latest 2876 OS. I don't have data on my plan (just voice and text). If I either leave an area with a WiFi signal. Or I select WiFi off (even in area with wifi) my battery drains about 4x as fast. The only way I have figured out to save the battery when not connected to wifi, is airplane mode. I am connected to 4g wireless at all times. Is this common? Any help appreciated

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    02-09-16 07:41 PM
  2. Lusitano17's Avatar
    Definitely not normal. Have you tried a reboot of device?
    In BBVE is there anything you can identify as a specific drain?
    I'll hazard a guess and suggest that this is a glitch related to your 2876 update.

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    02-09-16 08:50 PM
  3. Ben Christmann's Avatar
    I actually had problem with 2813 as well. I tried to wipe phone, then loaded 2876 with sachesi hoping to clear problem. But no luck. Possibly I didn't fully wipe phone properly. Under bat monitor, graphs seem all over the place. System shows 87% followed by android player 36%, then display 23%

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    02-09-16 09:12 PM
  4. Lusitano17's Avatar
    If you're missing a decimal point in your values I don't think they are out of the ordinary but if not that's significant.

    If this has been more than a few days syncing should have settled but the WiFi off drain suggests some sort of software glitch. I would be inclined to reload 2876 with an autoloader or BBLINK. Apart from the Android runtime issue it has been really stable for me on both a Z30 and PP.

    Good luck!

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    02-09-16 09:39 PM
  5. raino's Avatar
    How's your network coverage? Do you live out in the country, away from a big city?

    If you don't have a data plan, you don't necessarily need to keep your phone on 4g. 2g and 3g are good enough for calls and text messages.
    02-09-16 11:53 PM
  6. Ben Christmann's Avatar
    I'm not missing decimal points. The coverage here is pretty good with 4g, I've had on 2g before which makes a small difference. I'll try reloading software again.

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    02-10-16 05:42 AM

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