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    I'm not able today use the functions which are the main reason I use a Blackberry now that all my email accts and other networking (and calendar accts too) all accounts now show as invalid--I dont know what I'm doing wrong- trying to remedy this for 2 full days

    - I am doing same set up steps I have always done, using correct password, I associated my BB id with new device, (something that happened from transferring data with Link Backup/restore has caused this cuz everything was working before I switched devices using BB Link and then wiped the former device to send my former device to person who purchased it.)

    Now, after device switch process via Link, even much (but not all) of my contact info is missing -many contacts and has older contacts now instead of current ones-- something went wrong or something changed that shouldn't have (in the device switch process) and now, none of my email or other accounts will set up or validate when I try to set up an account on my new device (both my current and former device, on OS

    When I try to edit an email acct (that now shows up as "invalid" -was previously working fine until I switched devices with BB Link when I sold my previous BB device) the error msg I get is:
    "At this time your accounts cannot be added. Please try again later". ( have tried may times over several days. I am desperate for help

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    OK Nvm...somehow the problem resolved itself....
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    08-07-15 03:37 PM
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    Could you use Bluetooth to import the contacts? I believe I have done that in the past.
    08-07-15 04:07 PM
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    Ffs, couldn't you make paragraphs, my eyes are hurting trying to read this.

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    08-08-15 02:56 AM

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