1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    I have a 16 + 64 gig Playbook. When I try to connect them separately to my iMac with the mini connector to USB, the arrows on the Playbook won't move. When I launch the BB Desktop Software, then click on the icon for my Playbook, it says not connected. This always works, this is the first time. The mini connector on the Playbook is working, I am very careful with it. How can I fix this? I am not much of a techie so please make your reply easy to follow. Thanks, Ken.
    11-23-16 06:57 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Have you rebooted both devices?

    What version of the Mac OS are you using? I've seen a lot of issues with the newer versions and older BlackBerry software, you might try downloading LINK. But even that is old at this point. I've seen some talk about updating a configuration file on the Max to allow LINK to connect to BB10 devices. But I've also seen where others haven't gotten that to work.

    You might do a Google search using your version of the Mac OX and maybe a Passport (PlayBook might be to old a device to search for a solution).
    11-23-16 07:24 AM
  3. Pixtureskk's Avatar
    Thanks, I have rebooted but I just got a new DSL modem, had to re-connect my Playbook to the wi-fi on my modem. Also had to reset my iMac to connect to my modem with an ethernet cable. When I connect my Playbook to my iMac with the Playbook mini usb to usb cable, the arrows on the connection playbook screen are not moving. That is the problem, prior to this the arrows were always moving then I ran my BB desktop software, had a perfect connection. Also tried to use the Playbook App Manager on Google Chrome with the Development Mode on, again no connection. Thanks, Ken.
    11-23-16 11:23 AM
  4. Pixtureskk's Avatar
    It's working again. I uninstalled the Blackberry Desktop Software as well as Blackberry Link. Then, after connection my PB to my iMac the arrows began moving again on the PB. Then I re-installed the Blackberry Desktop Software again, was able to copy/paste files videos, music, pictures from my iMac to the downloads folder on the desktop software, successfully populating my PB. My next step is to install converted .Bar files from the Playbook App Manager extension in Google Chrome after enabling the Development Mode on the PB. I am not much of a techiw, it's working again, I am happy. Ken.
    11-24-16 07:39 AM

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