1. Srin Po's Avatar
    My brandnew playbook just out of the box does not recognize any wifi signals. It is a 4g LTE 32 GB version running on 2.0 version. So Iam unable to do the initial setup.
    I tried updating it to 2.1 version via blackberry desktop software version version on Windows 7 professional PC.
    when connected to desktop software, it recognizes the playbook and shows installs availabvle. when I click install, it says"Desktop Manager states Updated Software Component Must Be Installed" I choose install and after a while it says "An error has occurred while downloading the BlackBerry Desktop Software. Please try again."
    This keeps happening every single time i tried.

    Also, this is happening when I connect by torch 9800 or Tour 9630.
    I would really appreciate if someone could help me fix this issues.
    10-25-14 11:02 AM
  2. Elite1's Avatar
    Please do not post duplicate threads on same topic. Your other thread remains open here:

    Thread closed.
    10-25-14 11:20 AM

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