1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    By turning apk applications on the bar with PlayBook App Manager 2.2, it introduced a -12 fault. When I ran into the installed .bar playbook, it gave an error message talking about the blackberry keyboard and such and the screen went dark. How to solve this? Thank you.
    06-13-17 12:59 PM
  2. brookie229's Avatar
    Depends which app and what version of android it is. The Playbook android runtime will NOT run anything over android 2.3.3, so it is often a matter of trial and error with 2.3. Some will work and some will not. Regardless, if you have an android app that has a minimum requirement of anything greater than 2.3, there is no point in converting it to a .bar file for sideloading. Be aware that even some apps less than 2.3 will not work either. All you can do is try them and if you get that error, you are not going to get it too work. Your best bet is to go to a website such as Android Drawer : https://www.androiddrawer.com/ to look for older versions then convert to .bar then sideload. There are other sites as well such as Aptoide etc.
    06-13-17 01:19 PM
  3. The Poet's Avatar
    I'm going to visit the sites listed. Thanks a lot for the help.
    06-14-17 10:42 AM

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