1. Hasan Shannak's Avatar
    How could I have arabic language "typing" in my BlackBerry playbook?

    Posted via CB10
    06-18-15 05:30 AM
  2. snow_stipple's Avatar
    There is an Arabic Keyboard app for sale in BlackBerry World. Or you could try
    arabic keyboard online ???? ???? ?????? ????? ?? 2 | clavier arabe ???? ?????? ?????? ??? arabic keyboard 2016
    Arabic keyboard 2015 ? ???? ???? ??????? ???????? ( this second one needs to be turned to Portrait and re-sized for a better screen appearance.
    btw The question marks in the links are just the Arabic letters that aren't being displayed properly here.

    There are a number of features on each of the two keyboards online. I don't know if there are tutorials or any videos online that demonstrate them.

    Just another note: Like a lot of other languages (even those you can't directly key into the Playbook), whatever you've saved on documents (also including sent or received emails) in Arabic script on your Playbook, then those words should now be part of the predictive text. And, funny thing when using the above online keyboards, is the Playbook's predictive text suggestions for Arabic appear in reverse as left to right but when selected will appear correctly in the document right to left.
    06-19-15 11:08 AM

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