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    I only use Google, Gmail, and Youtube on my Z10. I don't have cellular data and only use WiFi on occasion. I have battery drainage issues with Location Services, PIM Services, and Android Apps. I don't have any e-mail sync to anything. Don't use Facebook, Twitter, or any social media things on my phone. I also have Location Services turned off. I've looked up other questions on other forums, and most of the solutions have to deal with turning off apps that are affiliated with these services. Considering I don't use any of these, I'm stumped as to why I continue to have these battery issues. Any thoughts... Anyone?
    Android Player as well as Media Apps are always running. Regardless if I'm online or not. I also made sure my apps don't run in the background.
    05-09-17 09:30 PM
  2. johnb_xp's Avatar
    Do you reeeeeeaaaaaallllyyyyyy want to use the Android Gmail app? You can set up gmail accounts in the Hub.
    Gmail will run in the background waiting for emails and drain your battery. There is an open-source app called NewPipe that doesn't use Google Services or run in the background. Should save battery!

    Wifi uses less battery than mobile data btw.
    05-09-17 11:24 PM

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