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    I recently and erroneously synched my old Torch 9800 Contacts with my Z10 Contacts using the bluetooth on both devices. Somehow multiple (3-4X) of the old contacts were duplicated on the Z10 (3,000!). Is there a file location where I might delete these multiple data files linked to my Z10 contacts? I tried a World App duplicate contact elimination software but it simply did not work properly (bit of a appscam). I am sure I saw these multiple data files as the synching was occurring and with similar file names but cannot locate them anywhere on the Z10 device. Must be hidden somewhere. Looked at media card and device but no luck. Hope my dilemma is understandable as manual deletion of 3000 old contacts would take light years. Thank so much David.
    05-15-15 03:57 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    There are no files for you to delete. The data is stores in the internal memory but it cannot be accessed anyway.

    You're in for manual work. Contacts > Settings > disable all contact sources. This way only local contacts will show. Local and merged ones.

    Unlink any contacts (LinkedIn/Facebook/email) you want to keep and manyally delete the clones.

    PS: A light-year (abbreviation: l.y.), sometimes written light year, is a unit of length used informally to express astronomical distances.
    05-15-15 04:10 PM
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    David, there has been quite a bit written about this problem in the past, especially among Z10 users. What I found was that I could eliminate the duplication problem by storing all of my contacts on a cloud service such as Google Contacts or AT&T's Address Book. The latter only works, however, on an AT&T locked Z10. Then, when setting up my Contacts I setup my Google Contacts Account on the phone and turn off SIM Card Contacts. The SIM Card will duplicate and triplicate your contacts on your phone. I also leave BBM Contacts and BBM Video Contacts switched to on. Once all of your contact information is stored with Google Contacts, you will not have to worry if you use an autoloader to load a new O.S. on the phone. Simply reload your Google Contacts account after installing the new O.S. and the phone will sync to the Google Contacts account on the Cloud. It all comes back automatically and without duplication. Remember, however, to always turn off the SIM Card contacts switch and never use the SIM card to store contacts information. It simply will not work correctly.
    05-15-15 04:22 PM
  4. ddunlap92's Avatar
    Many thanks and appreciate l.y. clarification.
    05-21-15 09:39 AM
  5. ddunlap92's Avatar
    Thanks for the detailed explanation, much appreciated. Btw, is there a method of completely deleting/removing all contacts on my Z10 without performing a factory reset, wiping everything and starting from scratch again? I do have my Google Contacts via my GApp account which I could then load back on Z10 per your recommendation. I am a non tech/layman and do not understand what you mean by "you will not have to worry if you use an auto loader to load a new O.S. on the phone. Simply reload your Google Contacts account after installing the new O.S." Best to you.
    05-21-15 09:47 AM

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