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    Phone Model - 9720
    Network - Vodafone UK (with data plan)
    OS 7.1.0 - Build 2994 (Enterprise phone)

    The signal at my house is unreliable, it typically remains on GPRS although 3G can occasionally be obtained. This phone is also connected to my wireless network, however it never seems to use the wireless network for any data, certainly none of the applications I can see e.g whatsapp and browsing which can make for some very slow page loading in the browser.

    When I disable the radio option the phone does not allow the wireless only connection to manage data yet I was on holiday recently with the phone (signal unobtainable) it made use of the wireless connection with no issues and the BIS? symbol was always present.

    One recurring theme I notice is this BIS symbol is not always present at my house even despite the wireless connection availability but this does not stop whatsapp messages from sending. As with browsing, receiving data can result in some long waits for the data to download.

    Is this symbol anything to do with the problem?

    Can anyone tell me if its possible to make the phone use the wireless network instead of the unreliable Vodafone signal?

    07-02-15 12:17 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    I wonder if an IT policy has anything to do with what you are seeing here? I'm not sure just thinking out loud.
    09-03-15 09:02 AM

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