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    I have a Dtek50. For awhile I used the default BB keyboard. During that time I set up and started using the BB Password Keeper. Like most strong passwords I used a combo of Caps, lower case, numbers and special characters.

    I've since switched to the google keyboard. Now my login password to Password Keeper no longer works. My current workaround is to temporarily switch back to the BB keyboard, use the PW Keeper and then switch keyboards again.

    I've also noticed that I need to be careful and only select the numbers and special characters from the correct keyboard page (alphabet keyboard page versus the secondary keyboard with numbers and special characters). Example. If I selected my numbers from the second page of the keyboard, I need to continue to use that one and not one of the numbers across the top of the main keyboard. (hope that made sense).

    How do I change my password to the app so that it'll work with google keyboard? Are there safe characters that should be the same (unicoding?) between the 2 keyboards. Would it be easier to try export and start using a different password app?

    Android: 6.0.1
    Patch: Aug 5, 2017
    Password keeper:
    09-06-17 08:39 AM

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