1. MarkusStelzer's Avatar
    I'm using now a Blackberry Key2LE and installed Password Keeper to this device.
    I'm trying ot import my 268 Passwords via CSV file but it seems that I can only import 12 lines.
    also during import it is showing the message: 12/127 passwords imported.
    Why? the file has a content of 269 lines with headline.

    thanks in advance
    04-23-19 07:43 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Was this a CSV file created during an export from Password Keeper?
    04-23-19 09:22 AM
  3. MarkusStelzer's Avatar
    unfortunately not - missing master password from previous keeper at keyone.
    so I was looking in internet for info to structure, compared with older CSV exports and then created my own.
    in the meantime I have now a complete CSV file which can be read - no error message "file is corrupted".
    I also parted CSV in 3 files by 100 pasword lines and getting still following messages:
    at first 100 lines - 12/56 imported
    at second 100 lines - 0/50 imported
    at rest 68 lines - 0/36 imported
    04-23-19 10:15 AM
  4. MarkusStelzer's Avatar
    this is the structure i found in another crackberry post:
    "url","username","password","extra","name","groupi ng","fav","customFields","lastModifiedTime","uid", "usernameLabel","passwordLabel","websiteLabel","no tesLabel","passwordSetDate","flags","imageIndex"," dataVersion"
    "www.grappanet.biz","markus.stelzer@t-online.de","xxxxxxx",,"02 Obstler Shop",,"0",,""1556056800000","-1538854117510680298",,,,,"0","0","0","1"

    the uid is unique for each line (variation of the last 3 digits)

    all entities in doublequotes
    04-23-19 10:23 AM

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