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    I have had a lot of problems with hackers in my area, they have done my computer and also my phone, I have changed passwords several times and know i have a new computer, I dont know if ichanged and dont remember or someone gained access to my phone and changed my password, I know I cant retrive it I have acepted that, I just wont to know the best way to go about reloading my os., just wipe and reload,or keep trying passwords and let the phone do it or what, it has to be done
    please advise. Lonnie

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    03-26-15 09:47 PM
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    Either way will get you the same results. Chances are however if you have a BlackBerry, the device hasn't been hacked. The only way in would be through BES or an app. Even the app however I'm sure is limited to stealing info and not controlling your BlackBerry.

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    03-26-15 09:58 PM
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    well I always thought that,but I lost 10 gigs of data in 3 days, I think my phone was being used as a access point, I done a very time comsuming search on my apps and got rid of 3 because what I found, powertools, star tracker and delux moon. I liked all three but didnt like their activity, thanks guess im gonna find my saved os and wipe it and reload. I have nothing on the device its self only os and apps rest is on sd. thanks for your input.

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    03-26-15 10:18 PM
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    Make sure you have strong passwords. Get Enpass and let it generative you a strong pw if you can't come up with one. It's an excellent app.

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    03-26-15 10:53 PM
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    My wife had a similar issue where something was bleeding data and her Bill reflected that 2 months in a row. I did a security wipe and reloaded only applications she uses and the bleeding went away. Can't say what the cause is, I know it's not a hacker, and the problem is now gone. My guess would be either an app went a little crazy or it was a bad app that was written to suck data from her phone. In either case the problem is solved.

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