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    I recently moved back to blackberry and have the passport. I have always loved BlackBerry and the qwerty email experience. But passport feels awkward and I am thinking to switch to classic. However classic does not have the same processor and ram? Classic users do u face any lag???? Any tips??

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    01-05-15 04:44 PM
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    My biggest question would be, how long have you had your Passport? I know most places only allow for a fourteen day return policy, which is ridiculous, but I would say give the passport as much time as you possibly can. It took me a week or two to get used to the size and capacitive touch typing even as an avid blackberry 10 user.

    I have yet to hold one, but can tell you that, depending on your usage, the Classic shouldn't show much lag. Only very heavy multitasking, with major media playback should have any real effect. I do find that for me the extra gig of ram is very much appreciated, but I am definitely considered a heavy user.

    I think that, while the Classic may be a more familiar device for many and perfect for those needing communications and social media, the Passport is substantially more advanced as a mobile computing device.
    01-05-15 09:03 PM
  3. rma0's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply. I have been using passport for a month now. I know it I'd difficult to return but I had got it in us for 499 on blackfriday and now m in Europe where I can easily sell for the same price and buy a new classic from my contacts in us.

    I love the touchpad on the keyboard and big screen makes reading documents very efficient. But my palm is very small and after heavy usage it pains. I love BlackBerry and happy to move from iPhone back to BlackBerry but passport is not a fit for me. I am also a heavy user and disappointed with the processor and ram that classic offers especially for 450 $.

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    01-06-15 04:20 AM
  4. toobs623's Avatar
    Gotcha, yeah I don't have an easy answer for that. Sounds like the Visa might be more to your liking, but alas, we still have some time to wait.

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    01-06-15 01:56 PM

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