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    I have been looking out for a device for my father for a long time. The problem is gigantor has huge hands and huge fingers. None of the touch screen devices are suitable for him. I have tried all the available big screen phones like note and stuff but they all take advantage of the wider screen and shove more keys in a row. For the average user the setup is fine but for him it does not help. He ends up hitting more than one key at a time. The best I found was the q5. The space in between the keys helped a bit. But still is not perfect. If there is anyone who has a passport please do me a favor and measure the size of a individual key and tell me. Cause I realize that the phone has gone wider but the number of keys in the row are the same. This might actually be the best phone for people with huge fingers.
    09-29-14 12:16 AM
  2. JamBueree's Avatar
    I wouldn't say "Perfect", but I guess it's totally compatible with people who have really big hands because it is quite a big phone with thick keys.

    BlackBerry Z10 |
    09-29-14 01:20 AM

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