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    Hi Everyone!
    I recently decided to move from my Z30 to Passport but there are a few things about it that gives me doubts like having no dedicated mic for noise cancellation or it's square screen and size, the three row keyboard seems odd too since I used to work with old qwerty phone like Bold 9900 I can't wrap my mind around it, i've read so many articles and threads about passport i'm confused, and also despite the amount of money i'll pay for Passport it doesn't have 2060 video recording, not a deal breaker for me but I know with this price I could get android phones like G3 or Moto X who has so many options, despite them having flaws too but at least the specs. and additional settings they have is kinda comforting but the fact that I always owned a BlackBerry, I acknowledge what a great brand it is and honestly I hate android or iosm

    So I appreciate any thoughts you can give regarding of my concerns on BlackBerry Passport.
    Or android phones i've mentioned

    Thank you for your time

    Posted via CB10
    02-27-15 02:53 PM
  2. Cap_172R's Avatar
    Hey there,

    Sounds like you're in quite a dilemma! Don't worry there'll be many here on CB that'll try to help you make a better decision.

    Regarding the Passport... my advice is to find a store that has one and try it out, hold the device, try typing on it etc. Only then will you know for sure if it's a device for you. I've always told anyone who wanted to get a BBRY device especially with a keyboard, to go and physically hold one. Eg. The Bold 9000 was my first BBRY and i loved the form factor...then on i had the 9900 (Z10 for a while until the Q10 came out and was my daily driver!!).
    02-28-15 12:34 AM

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