1. Peter Johnson4's Avatar
    I know there is already a thread for this but I could not get my answer. I have a Passport. I love it. I got for the screen and as I am deaf my relay app I use for phone calls works great. It has replaced my iPad Mini for surfing and my Nook for reading ebooks. Yet it is a BIG phone.

    I miss the sporty size and portability of my Q10 but that screen was just too small. To be honest, though I'm very proficient on my Passport keyboard as a 14 year BlackBerry user I miss the old style.

    With the cobalt "blue berry" I'm severely tempted. To go back to small.

    Any one who switched, Is the move to to the Classic screen size all that bad?

    07-07-15 03:21 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    What answer do you want....

    I've seen many who prefer the smaller size of the Classics screen and keyboard over their Passport.

    And I've seen many who would never dream of going back to such a small screen and basic keyboard.

    Only you can really answer your question.
    07-07-15 03:39 PM
  3. Peter Johnson4's Avatar
    I guess I'm looking for why they prefer one or the other. But you're right. Need to find one to play with. Thanks.
    07-07-15 06:02 PM

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