1. ahpitre's Avatar
    I am using the Android Pandora app on OS 10.3. Is there a BB 10 native app. that can be used to listen to Pandora? I know there isn't an official Pandora app. Was wondering if there may be an app. made by another company. The Android app. is OK, but I miss things like it integrating into the Lock screen (so you can change, pause, forward, etc. from within the Lock Screen).
    09-09-14 03:20 PM
  2. redgascan's Avatar
    look for 1 called Apollo it don't work in Canada but it works when I go to the USA
    09-09-14 03:24 PM
  3. jabxyz's Avatar
    I am also a mobile Pandora user. It worked quite well on my Torch. Since switching over to the Z10, a couple of features worked on the phone but when the Z10 is connected via BT in the car, the HU doesn't recognize that Pandora is even running on the phone. The Alpine HU that I run is optimized to run Pandora through a mobile via BT. This worked seamlessly with the Torch and the same HU and the Z10 is otherwise flawless with in terms of BT connectivity. I tried running Apollo and yes it has some functionality on the Z10 but it it is not recognized by the HU. Therefore for me Apollo is not a Pandora alternative. Does anyone know if Pandora will operate on 10.3.1 which is due to be rolled out to the general user population in a couple of weeks? Thanks.
    10-10-14 04:51 AM
  4. ahpitre's Avatar
    I use the Android version of Pandora on BB Works great, although I miss the lock screen features you find on an Android phone. I have not trouble streaming via Bluetooth to my car stereo, I can skip tracks, control volume and even pause/play from my car's radio or via steering wheel controls.
    10-10-14 09:32 AM

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