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    The "Lil Painter" app has been unavailable for my device since I updated to 10.3.1. I paid for this app and would like it on my device as my daughter loved it.

    I can't figure out how to contact the developer as this doesn't work through BlackBerry World. Is there a contact for BlackBerry to raise funds issue with this app?

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    03-28-15 07:56 PM
  2. Lostboy5151's Avatar
    If you Google the app name you may be surprised the info that comes up.
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    03-28-15 08:50 PM
  3. MES28's Avatar
    Not sure what info you are referring to...

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    03-30-15 06:35 AM
  4. thatplaybookguy's Avatar
    um the contact info of the developer of the app......
    03-30-15 06:42 AM
  5. conite's Avatar
    This must be an Adobe Air app - no longer supported on BB10 10.3.1 and above. Developers were notified of the change almost a year ago - some of the affected apps have been updated, but most were in a state of abandonment already.

    Interesting to note that that app has been removed from Google Play Store where it had once been, and the developer's website has disappeared (tapptil.com).

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    03-30-15 06:53 AM

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