1. flyersfan76's Avatar
    I have a KEYone and I have added many email accounts to my device. (Hub I think still confused)

    I had taken similar steps with the KEYone as I had down with my Passport. The only thing that I used my outlook.com email address was for a "shared" calendar which my wife and I both used. Set up both phones (and Outlook programs on 3 computers) to view and edit the calendar. On the KEYone I can not seem to see this calendar. At one point over the weekend while continuing to add and delete this account from my phone I was able to view the calendar but I was unable to make changes to any of the entries on the phone unless I originally created the calendar item on my phone.

    Not sure what I am doing wrong and do not want to have my wife switch to the KEYone until it is resolved. I use the Outlook calendar on my computer than she does so "missing" this calendar on my phone is not THAT big of a deal but do need it work like the my Passport/Classic had done in the recent past.
    06-13-17 10:49 AM
  2. flyersfan76's Avatar
    Well I got the account back on my phone BUT I am unable to change appointments that were created on the web.

    Also have this note at the bottom of any of those appointments.

    "Your respnse data is unavailable"
    06-13-17 01:54 PM
  3. blueyestm's Avatar
    Check the authority of the calendar on the Web and verify you and your wife have admin access to change it since your sharing. Not sure whose calendar it was originally so if it's hers make sure you're added on and not just sharing the link as read only.
    06-13-17 02:17 PM
  4. BB-JAM215's Avatar
    You shouldn't need to do anything special to share an Outlook.com calendar. Just add the email account to the Hub and subscribe to the calendar.
    06-13-17 08:15 PM
  5. flyersfan76's Avatar
    That is the thing. The calendar is not "owned" by either one of us. We both have the account on our phones as if we are the user/owner. Should not need to subscribe as I just create the account on the phones like I would with any other email account. We also have/had the same verizon.net email address on our phones with zero issue.

    Still do not have an issue with that account either. Well except for Verizon is getting rid of email and we never used their calendar since it was POP3 based and never would work the way we needed it to.

    We have since started migrating to our own domain email address but before I subscribe to Office 365 (with godaddy) I want to see if I can get the calendar to work the way it has been working up until our KEYone purchases. The thing is I already have a 365 account with MS and trying to integrate my current account with a new account is a road I do not want to travel down yet.
    06-15-17 12:52 PM
  6. flyersfan76's Avatar
    Same account and same phone.

    I get the "Your response data is unavailable"

    My wife's KEYone it does not display. On my phone it does.

    Very strange. I might just start from scratch/factory and try again.

    But wow typing on the Passport after using the KEYone for a while takes some getting use to.
    06-16-17 10:23 AM
  7. JayLong's Avatar
    I have the same issue, can get the the Calendar sync'd but you can't edit any of the appointments. I had the same issue with another Android phone. It's not a Hub issue, it's a bug in ActiveSync on Outlook.com. there are various posts on the internet about it. There are a few things to try:

    1) ensure the Outlook.com account configured on the device is logging in using the primary address assigned to the account
    2) make sure the login name is in the same case as the primary address

    Some users have reported this resolves the issue on their accounts however I've not had any success. The only way I could resolve the issue was to login using the ugly outlook_xxxxxxxxx@outlook.com address but that has recently stopped working.
    07-26-17 05:37 AM

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