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    I just recently got my own domain, and now want to use that as my primary email-adress.
    However, I still intend to use gmail as my primary client, thus I added myemail@mydomain.com to my gmail-account, which works perfectly in the web-client.

    Now I want to send emails from my Keyone from this adress.
    So far, I only have my gmail-account added to my phone.

    Can I just change the smtp server in these settings to those from my gmail account to myemail@mydomain.com? This way all mails should be send through myemail@mydomain.com, but at the same time show up in my gmail-account?
    Apart from sending ALL mails through this, nothing would/should change, correct?

    Thanks in advance!
    01-09-18 08:11 AM

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