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    It's not a question. Actually, I'd like to share my experience with otterbox defender case going with a 0,3 milimeter thick tempered glass (3mk). My experiences are related to the q10 model. On the web I found several opinions saying tempered glass is to thick to use with otterbox defender. As for me - true. Many of users wondered though as the defenders screen protector is poor (it scratches) and they would like to replace the defenders screen protector with a tempered glass. My experience: I coundn't put on the defender on the phone with a tempered glass on the screen (getting read of the defenders original sceen protector). I could not fasten the two plastic parts properly. Yes, I could put on a silicon layer on the phone with the two plastic parts anyways and it holds the whole pretty good but 1. Not every clip makes a click, and 2. My tempered glass started to let air bubbles under (as the plastic parts put pressure on the edge of a glass). What I did was using a nail file to file a little bit the upper edge of a front plastic part of a defender. It went pretty good. As the part is thinner at the top of the screen it is not making pressure on the glass, it clicks and the glass is laying ok. Little spece between the defender and the glass appeared, though which i covered with a bit of a silicone glue. Perhaps crazy a bit, but now I am probably the only one user of both products fitted on my device and doing it's job well simultaniously on the planet

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    02-06-16 04:44 AM

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