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    HI there this is Aman,

    I have Bought a Blackberry Z10 Factory unlocked mobile in India recently, now While I'm connecting to Blackberry App World it is not allowing me to connect and it shows a message for OS update for 10 to 10.2, only then I can connect to BB World,

    I want to update it through WIFI,
    Can I update it.?

    I'm asking this question because, my friend recently bought a BB Z10 mobile in Delhi showroom, and tried to update the OS from 10 to 10.2 through WIFI, but suddenly the device is switched off itself, and as he took the device to showroom, they said that, 'OS update should be done only in showroom, we should not try it at home, if we try at home then the device will not work',

    Is this true,?
    Can I try to update my device through wifi.?
    08-29-14 01:43 PM
  2. sum one's Avatar
    Huh... may be I'm not that much educated like those of the technical personnel of the store... but i can share my experience... that I'm from kolkata with Vodafone as my carrier and i had always upgraded my Z 10 os thru wifi which has got BSNL as the service provider... but of course after there was this notification of upgrade in my device..... hope this helps...

    Posted via CB10
    08-29-14 01:52 PM

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