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    Yesterday my phone started playing up, and soon I lost functionality in every app except the phone. Every time a I try a reboot, in different ways, I get the same apps loaded up on the main screen, and then when I try to activate one the square icon just disappears. Trying to activate a new app, or reactivate, takes me back to the main panel, where current apps are displayed, and nothing else. In the hub all I can see is message headers, new ones have stopped coming in. At one point I got file manager working, but then I got the message 'unable to open file'.. I have tried rebooting with no sim, with no sd card, with neither, and using the vol up vol down buttons held down for 30 seconds together, all to no avail. Sometimes there is a hint that something might work, like with the file manager, but everything soon reverts to a non-functioning device. Any tips, explanations, suggestions very welcome...
    01-12-17 05:34 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    If you can, uninstall any recent apps.

    If you can, do a Backup of your phone.

    Then a security wipe or reloading of the OS.... test with BBVE, and use it a little before restoring any data.
    01-13-17 07:26 AM

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