1. anon(10515224)'s Avatar
    I have the key2 dual Sim edition bought from Dubai, with an Arabic keyboard unfortunately - black 128gb 6gb ram edition.

    I was trying to reassign the currency key to use the copy paste setting as I did with my keyone. However, in settings, that option wasn't there in Shortcuts and Gestures.

    I communicated with BlackBerry support who at first just gave me a standard answer. After sharing some print screens, they escalated the issue. That was a week ago and their last reply today is that they didn't find the reason for the issue. Very strange indeed.

    Anyway facing the same issue?

    basically, My settings screen in S&G, there are three sub menues: keyboard Shortcuts, set the custom key, convinience key. Others I found online have a menu called set the currency key.

    Any help is appreciated and I will update this when BB support gets back to me.

    08-31-18 03:30 PM
  2. gmr1987's Avatar
    The setting isn't there in my KEYᵒⁿᵉ anymore either.....??

    Typed on a beautiful piece of history
    09-16-18 11:58 AM

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