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    So 3 days ago, I switched from my Q10 over to a used galaxy S5 for my first Android phone and after updating EVERYTHING, I immediately downloaded Hub from the play store. The hub worked fine until it decided to stop updating texts for just ONE of my contacts. I could still scroll down to her old text on the Hub and when I select it, it would open up the Samsung stock text app where it shows all the recent texts but Hub doesn't seem to recognize the new texts.

    I've spent many hours looking through the settings, even deleted the chat (since it happened on the first day there were only a few texts) and it STILL does not show me any new Texts for just that ONE contact while every other person who has texted me shows up perfectly in Hub.

    Can anybody help me figure this out? Thank you!
    12-05-16 09:26 PM
  2. supertom's Avatar
    Hey! So I stumbled upon the answer on my own after trying to figure out why I couldn't send picture messages with text in it. The problem seems to be related to VoLTE and the RCS (Rich Communication Services). I use T-Mobile and they offer RCS text messaging which isn't compatible with other carriers and most devices. My ONE contact also uses the T-mobile network (Metro PCS) and had VoLTE turned on as well. Turning this feature off enabled me to send messages with both pictures AND text in them and Hub automatically recognizes it now! Yay! 👍☺
    12-19-16 11:45 PM

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