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    Well if you have the money to get a 5S, might as well go for the Z30. Other than that, the question also varies in what you plan to use your device for.

    BlackBerry 10
    - Fast multitasking abilities (BlackBerry Hub and Flow).
    - Superior virtual keyboard.
    - Better stock browser.
    - Camera includes Timeshift and 60FPS slow-mo.
    - Nice built-in picture editing app.
    - Has access to 90% of Android apps.
    - Immune to viruses.

    - Lack of big-name apps.
    - Development of the software is likely to be discontinued soon.
    - Though can run Android apps, BlackBerry 10 for the most part can't run ones that require Google Play Services.

    - Successful app market.
    - Software will surely continue to develop.
    - Camera features live filters and 120FPS slow-mo.
    - Camera quality is better than BlackBerry 10.
    - Voice control (Siri) is nicely developed.

    - Multitasking isn't as convenient.
    - More prone to viruses and security breaches.
    - Keyboard is small and doesn't optimise the space.

    While iOS with its bigger selection of applications gives it more features, BlackBerry 10 seems to be more efficient with the features that it already has.

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    Well explained

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