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    Hi, I dont seem able to upgrade to 10.3 with my q5 (1.already mentioned Löw storage problém and I really Cannot delete anything more and really dont want to do the security wipe, 2.bb link somehow Cannot download the update, 3.update Page on blackberry.com doesnt load due to infinite loop)
    But while Reading the fórum for ways to fix it I noticed lots of complains about bugs and issues with this update on various bb10 devices.
    So I ask your opinion if it is better to Wait for bb to fix the bugs (+make the installation easier or even possible for some people) or try to do it right now.

    (+I delete almost all my apps to free space,so my issue is to continue with the process and update or install the apps Back and Wait some Time for the situation to settle..)

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    02-22-15 05:46 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    You don't need to delete anything more or wait. You can just download the OS in the leaked OS forums and run the autoloader. It will wipe your device and then you can restore some of your settings after you install it.
    Here is the link:
    02-22-15 08:06 AM
  3. baacinka's Avatar
    Well, Thankks, but if I wanted to install the leaked OS, I could have done it long ago.
    I was waiting for the official OS for many months.
    I don´t know about the leaked software - it is not officially made for my device, or am I wrong?
    + another question is - is it completely without bugs (many bugs are reported in the official OS, so this leak doesnt have them? - battery drain, wifi, apps not working and so on).

    And I really dont want to wipe my phone, setting everything is a lot of work and I think that the apps data (especially androoid apps) will be lost.

    My question was mainly - am I the only one who is not able to download the update on their website or via BB link?
    02-26-15 06:17 AM

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