1. samiamtoo's Avatar
    BB Bold user, when looking up a commonly used email address I noticed a new email address. So, when I compose a new email type in To: the look up should have 3 address's now there are 4. Three appear to be the same XXX@different.com which is correct but 56eH@lyrus.org shows up. If chosen it appears as one of the XXX@different.com address's as well.

    I have looked in contacts for 56eH@lyrus.org doesn't appear any where. Any ideas what's going on? Thanks
    12-11-18 08:00 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Probably pulled in from spam. Site looks hella spammy. Just search your email and spam for any previous entry of it, guessing you'll find it somewhere.
    12-11-18 01:15 PM

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