1. greenshadow45's Avatar
    hi everyone, I got a new dtek60 as my work phone my old one used to be a s7 edge and had time of day settings for notifications sounds and ringtones. were based on the profile it would change the volume looking at the blackberry site it says that it's not an option to have the notification and ring tone volume separate unless you have an app

    "Ring volume slider adjusts the volume for both your ringtone and your notification sounds. If you want to control these volumes separately, you can find apps for that in the Google Play™ store."

    anyone have suggestions for apps that can do this?
    04-08-17 06:12 PM
  2. conite's Avatar
    I use Sound Profile by corcanoe. Awesome.

    Can do everything and much more than what you could do on BB10.
    Rico4you likes this.
    04-08-17 06:58 PM

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