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    I've been a rather hardcore Blackberry fan since my first smartphone, I believe it was a Curve 8520 (first CDMA curve w/ trackpad). Then on to a 9930, then now to my Q10. I was on Verizon for all, except the last few months I switched to Cricket. Of course, only a week before my device warranty is up, the headset speaker is almost dead. I've called the Blackberry 877 552 5532 number on support and they say call Verizon or Cricket (Verizon says no since I no longer have service with them). They say call Blackberry. So I'm stumped and it looks like I'm SOL. Any tips on odd out of warranty problems?

    I greatly appreciate any help anyone can offer.


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    03-12-15 09:31 PM
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    I would think that warranty claims have to be initiated through Verizon regardless of whether you're still a customer or not. They did sell you the phone after all, and assuming your contract was fulfilled or bought out (ETF,) you haven't done anything to be denied warranty.

    I would call Verizon again, and ask them to quote show you the part of your signed or verbally agreed to contract that states 'once you leave Verizon, you lose warranty privileges on a phone we sold you,'
    03-12-15 09:38 PM

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