1. clou83's Avatar
    All of a sudden I am not being notified in my hub of any text messages. The messages simply are not in the hub. I can send from the hub. I use verizon sms and Google sms. In the hubs settings, text messages are selected to show in the hub


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    05-01-16 08:31 PM
  2. kyleheney's Avatar
    Same here. I get a "Messenger" notification but no spark on the Hub. When I click Text Messages in the hub, I get a "can't perform action" message when I try to open an older text message
    05-29-16 09:51 AM
  3. joanatalohastate's Avatar
    Hi! It is the same with me when i used the apps that is, 'mood' that i downloaded from playstore .. it says "can't perform action" at the Hub, so i tried to switch the Messenger, the one is installed by Blackberry, and again it turns out fine, so it's not on the setting coz i tried and same 'can't perform action' and that is the absolute solution go back to the installed Messenger (for sms and not for Facebook), the Hub will not go wrong, but if you used other sms apps again, other than the Messenger, it will go back again "can't perform action".
    08-10-16 09:01 AM

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