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    So I am typing a long response in a forum app (based on Tapatalk) and when I get ready to post I get an error saying title of post is too long. The title for the thread doesn't appear anywhere in the text box so cannot edit. My solution was to copy the text I wrote to say Evernote and post later from my PC. I don't see any way of copying! I can highlight but there is no option to copy or cut text. These are the things that drive me insane about BlackBerry running Android apps.

    Posted via CB10
    10-05-15 06:16 AM
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    You're not looking hard enough then...

    Just as youwould on native BB10, tap and hold, something will pop up on top. Usually the three dots or the blantant scisor icon for cut. Three dots give you all the options.

    Examples: QuickCRM and Kindle.

    No Option to Copy/Cut Text in Android App-img_20151005_091916.pngNo Option to Copy/Cut Text in Android App-img_20151005_091741.png

    Blame where blame is due. Your beef is with Android, not the Runtime itself.

    Copiar = Copy
    Colar = Paste
    Compartilhar = Share
    10-05-15 07:22 AM

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