1. lilevo93's Avatar
    When my Q1o is rung up it first shows no cellular data service then it rings up, as there are some app that done make a sound but led blinks although I set up my notifications??
    What do I do?

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    06-28-16 01:17 AM
  2. MojoMS's Avatar
    Hi there,
    On my Z10, I sometime have weird behaviours with cellular data, but I do not know whether that comes from the smartphone or the network provider. Not 100% sur it fits your issue, but from time to time I loose cellular data (but still have voice connection). To quickly solve the issue I just deactivate the mobile network (through the button when sliding down from the top on the home screen), then reactivate it once it's possible (it still needs a few seconds for the process to be completed). Usually data connection is up running again.
    If that doesn't change anything to your issue, I'd propose to detail more precisely the kind of issues you have (when, what, how), if needed with screenshots (press volume up and volume down buttons simultaneously).
    Hope it helps!
    06-28-16 08:20 AM
  3. lilevo93's Avatar
    No cellular data service-img_20160629_050629.png

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    06-28-16 12:14 PM
  4. lilevo93's Avatar
    Started last night
    It doesn't make a sound When my phone is rung up or given a call

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    06-28-16 12:15 PM
  5. lilevo93's Avatar
    I also did a security wipe but it didn't work out!!
    What do I do

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    06-28-16 12:16 PM
  6. rthonpm's Avatar
    Have you checked your SIM?

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    06-29-16 05:51 PM
  7. lilevo93's Avatar
    Check it! How?

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    06-29-16 09:37 PM
  8. Brianch85's Avatar
    I would say either try and turn of the cellar connection for 10 min turn it
    on again if it dosent work new simcard I would say

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    06-30-16 05:31 AM
  9. rthonpm's Avatar
    Check it! How?

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    Try reseating it, or try it in a different phone. If the problem moves with the card you know what the issue is.
    07-01-16 10:27 AM
  10. lilevo93's Avatar
    I tried another Sim card but still the issue remains. But haven't tried my Sim card in another phone.
    Does it matter if the phone was smartphone or simple one?

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    07-02-16 09:46 AM
  11. raino's Avatar
    Do you have the right APN for your carrier? Your phone shows e for signal, which does show coverage for voice/texts but not data.

    Did you ever get data on your phone? Have you called your carrier to find out if there's an outage?
    07-02-16 12:52 PM

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