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    So I like adding TV episode videos to my playbook so I can watch them on the bus, school, etc. but i've run into a problem

    Whenever I add/remove episodes, I usually add/remove them all in 1 bunch. So my PB holds 11.1 GB, I'll add enough episodes to take up 11.1 GB all at once.

    Once that's finished, everything appears under the "videos" app fine. But let's say I forget to add a specific video. I'll delete a video then replace it with the right one. It appears on the "video" folder on my computer, but when I go to the video or file manager application on my PB, the video is no where to be found.

    For example, I add episodes 1-20, but accidentally skip episode 19. I reconnect my PB to my computer, delete episode 20 from the videos folder, and drag and drop episode 19 into the folder. Everything appears fine on the computer, but when I open the videos app or files manager on my PB, episode 19 is no where to be found.

    I check the general information and it says I only have 18 videos but the computer folder says I have 19 videos, and that episode 19 is in the video folder. I also check the hardware settings and it says I virtually have no space left on my PB. T

    he only solution I have is deleting all videos and re-adding everything, but file transfer take a long time (30min+) and it's inconvenient if I just want to add 1 video. Any idea what's wrong? The videos are all the same file type as well.

    I'm running OS version (haven't updated in ages)
    11-20-14 10:03 PM

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