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    I dropped my old Blackberry Torch in water and killed it. I got a new Q10 and am wondering how I put an app back on my phone that I had already paid for/previously paid for? When I search the App, it seems to want to charge me again. Is this normal? Thank you.
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    02-17-15 08:56 PM
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    Yes. Some apps made for BB10 will charge you for it. Even though you had it on BBOS 7. That's just the way it has been. It's not the same app.

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    02-17-15 09:20 PM
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    Any app that you've previously paid for shouldn't require another payment to download. That said, keep in mind that you're going from a Torch to a Q10, they're different OSs all together so their apps are not the same, even if the name is. I was a paid Beweather user on BBOS before, and had to pay to get the BB10 version.
    02-17-15 09:21 PM
  4. JamBueree's Avatar
    Make sure you're logged into the same BlackBerry ID that you used to purchase the app.
    It should be free to download.
    02-17-15 09:48 PM

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