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    Hello guys,
    I just jumped ship from windows phone to android and bought myself a brand new blackberry Priv.

    I updated the system from lollipop to marshmallow and then performed a factory reset. I then begin to input my accounts and personal information and use the phone normally.

    However, problem starts days later as I begin to notice that some apps fail to sync in the background when the phone have been left on for extended period of time. Gmail failed to sync in the background, playstore stuck at finished download but not installing, SMS not receiving, etc. However, weird enough, blackberry hub and other instant messaging apps continue to work properly either in the foreground or the background.

    Anyone experienced similar problem and have any solutions?
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    07-02-17 12:40 AM
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    You installed new updates and then by doing a factory reset undid everything you did to update your device.

    Think of it. 'FACTORY RESET" (installed with just the very basics of an OS from another lifetime.
    Upgrading... Installing the latest and best of today's software.

    Google the definition of Factory Reset.... then reinstall the latest OS and apps and if you read the definition of "reset" you'll understand why not to use it.
    We all make mistakes. Everything is a learning process. so don't feel bad. the experience will be with you for future issues to help you or for you to help someone else.
    07-02-17 07:06 AM
  3. terence chan's Avatar
    I just checked and I am still on marshmallow. I think I have used the incorrect word here. I just reset the device but not reverting to the condition when the phone was in lollipop.

    Anyway, the condition is inconsistent. It happens sometimes and sometimes it is completely normal.
    07-02-17 08:26 AM

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