1. mkatkinson's Avatar
    DTEK60, BBA100-2, Android 6.0.1, Security Patch 5 Mar 17, Build AAJ934, Personal Email Account Office 365

    New email notifications are not showing on my locked screen, the notification is not sounding, and the Pulse Notification Light does not flash when a new email arrives.

    In Settings/BB Hub+ Account/Account Settings/Notification Settings I have: Email Notifications, Notification Sound, Heads-up Notification, Vibrate and Pulse Notification Light all set to ON.

    But a new email comes in silently with no notification sound, nothing on the locked screen and no pulse notification light. However, the new message appears as unread in my Hub when I open my device manually. So I don't know that a new email has arrived until I open my Hub.

    All other accounts in my Hub (Text Messages, Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook etc) all come in correctly with a notification - there is a notification sound, they appear on the locked screen, the pulse notification light flashes etc.

    This problem started just a few days ago, till then all has worked perfectly since acquiring my device last December.

    What have I inadvertently switched off, where else should I check to correct a setting?

    Thanks Bla1ze.
    04-27-17 03:02 AM
  2. mkatkinson's Avatar
    Hi Bla1ze,

    Have you had a chance to look at my e-mail notifications problem please, any suggestions?

    If my DTEK60 is only 4 months old and therefore within the one year warranty, is there a BB Tech Support number I can call or e-mail (UK)?

    Thanks for any assistance you can give me!
    04-28-17 10:42 AM

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