1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    I purchased an Anker adapter which fit on the male end of a conventional mini-usb male connector and converts it to the new unfiorm mini-usb female port of the KeyOne. However, when i use this adaptor with an endoscope camera kit, I get no power to the endoscope. However, when connecting the endoscope standard mini-usb directly into a standard Samsung Android phone it powers up right away. I have tried with 2 other conventional android phones without a problem. I have even rotated the anker connection 180 degrees when plugging it into the KeyOne, so i conclude this Anker adapter is not a pin-to-pin adapter. Can anyone recommend a true pin-to-pin adapter for use with the KeyOne?
    07-20-17 01:38 PM
  2. gillcmf's Avatar
    I'm having exact same issue with potensic endoscope camera and anger adapter please help!
    07-22-17 12:54 AM
  3. gillcmf's Avatar
    sorry anker adapter on keyone also
    07-22-17 12:55 AM
  4. BB-JAM215's Avatar
    The correct name for the "new KEYone mini-usb" connector is USB-C. It shouldn't make any difference which way a USB-C connector is inserted.

    I assume by "mini-usb" you actually mean the current standard Micro-USB connector, not the older slightly larger Mini-USB connector.

    The Anker adapter should provide both data and power connections.
    07-22-17 01:45 PM
  5. BB-JAM215's Avatar
    I'm having exact same issue with potensic endoscope camera and anger adapter please help!
    The Potensic endoscope camera I looked at comes with a combination USB-A and Micro-USB connector.

    I suggest you try using it with a full sized female USB-A to USB-C adapter. These are usually sold as USB OTG adapters.
    07-22-17 02:28 PM
  6. clarence gill's Avatar
    Thank you will try that
    07-22-17 02:54 PM

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