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    Hello folks,

    I've been a long time BB user, but the time has come to make the switch from BB10 to Android. Specifically, trying to make the switch from my trusty Q10 towards a Priv. Immediately, it seems the Android "experience" is giving me a number of problems, so I'm hoping to gleam some insight from those who have already made the switch!

    Problem #1 - Receiving calls while holstered
    While at home, my phone switches to WiFi calling (cell strength is not good, and WiFi is readily available). The Priv has no problems automatically placing WiFi calls. It can receive calls while un-holstered. However, once holstered, the phone will only receive calls that come in within 1-2 minutes after the phone was placed in the holster. After that time, the phone seems to be effectively "off" to my carrier, and any calls made to it are *immediately* redirected to voice mail, without a ring. I've checked that the phone is set to keep WiFi on during sleep, and even confirmed that I can ping it by IP address while it is holstered, so I know it's on. Yet I'm baffled why it would seemingly shut off from receiving calls. Once I pull the phone back out of it's holster, I can see it shows "No service" briefly, but within a few more seconds after coming out of the holster, it reconnects, and allows calls in afterwards.

    Problem #2 - What happened to holster mode settings anyway?
    On my older BB devices, I appreciated having a "holster mode" that would automatically switch the device to silent / vibrate when put away, and switch it back to ring when the device was unholstered and place on my desk, nightstand, etc. On BB10, the sensors were still in place, and the same functionality was trivially accomplished with an app from BB World. To me, this has been a *very nice feature*, as it automatically prevents the phone from creating socially inappropriate disruptions. I can't believe BB would allow this awesome feature to be arbitrarily tossed aside when going to Android. Yet, the closest I can find amongst apps are some various sensor automation controls which appear to require far more configuration (and permissions) than this simple use-case. Am I missing something? Have others found a way to restore this functionality, or has Android forced everyone to change their own phone habits instead?

    Problem #3 - Recommendation for a secure backup
    With BB10, I was reasonably comfortable making backups of my device over a USB cable, where it could be kept with reasonable confidentiality. With Android, I see no shortage of backup apps, but many of these either require a rooted device, or backup with dubious security to the cloud. ADB is also an option, but thus far, it seems the backup format may be very device specific, and getting any data out would require sending the backup file directly to a replacement Priv. Are there any compelling backup (& restore) apps that can easily export data from the phone, in an open format, to a trusted location?

    Problem #4 - Work vs Personal E-mail & Calendars
    Part of the reason for my device switch is driven by my employer transitioning to BlackBerry Work for e-mail (let's get past the part about how BlackBerry Work doesn't Work on BlackBerry OS). On BB10, Balance and the Hub did a respectable job. Yet on Android, it seems there's no integration between e-mail and calendars, and I have to switch between two different apps (one requiring re-authentication), just to check if my calendar will be free at a particular time. If anyone was going to integrate with another BlackBerry Enterprise product, I would have hoped it to be BlackBerry. Is there some integration I've overlooked that would allow Hub (or something similar?) to show personal & work calendars side-by-side?

    Any insight I could get from how other BB users have moved on would be of great help for me! I'm open to looking at different phones as well, if someone could suggest an alternative, though it feels like these issues may be present with any Android device?

    Thank you for your time!
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    12-06-18 09:30 PM

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