1. MPF94025's Avatar
    Just picked up a Gear3, have seen some reports that it will successfully sync with Hub on DTEK 60. Thus far, only seeing text messages via AT&T come through (have the LTE version of the Gear3).

    Trying to get max use of BlackBerry phones!

    Any suggestions appreciated!
    03-28-17 06:47 PM
  2. anon(2313227)'s Avatar
    Not sure if it applies to this as I do not have Gear 3 but on my Moto360, I had to give notification permission to hub/Moto360 app before it started to work. Haven't used it in a few months but I can break it out to see if needed. Better yet, send me a Gear3 and I will figure it out for you
    03-28-17 07:25 PM
  3. MPF94025's Avatar
    thanks for the encouragement, finally got it working. A few areas where there can be glitches, between Hub permissions, Bluetooth permissions, etc. The catch was that I had not enabled notifications for the Hub (my bad, I just overlooked thinking it would be listed under "BlackBerry Hub"). Interestingly, email comes through just fine but I don't get a "notification" for it (yellow dot on the watch face) on the watch, but I get a notification on the DTEK 60. The Gear3 is nice, great screen. Apps are really limited (even less than BB10 I think!). Good thing that apps on the phone (Amazon, etc) will send messages to the watch eliminating the absolute need for a matching "app" on the watch.

    Thanks again, your recommendation was spot on!! Now, best of both worlds, Passport SE for main use, DTEK 60 for all the apps, watch, etc.
    03-29-17 01:10 AM

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