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    Verizon Classic running OS version: 10.3.500 (software release:
    Do I have a software problem or a hardware problem (there is a concurrent other intermittent random more frequently occurring non response to tap/touch problem that has been happening since I bought this "as new" Classic from a private party in Marketplace but I thought it was something I didnt yet understand in the learning curve, or that maybe my home wireless was to slow, but mostlyit was more infrequent than of late, and now this app problem and error messages -
    Do I have a virus or a software problem or a cache problem or what. Can someone fluent in translating the code in the error msg below give me any direction about what to do or fix? I doubt there is any warranty recourse for me having bought an "as new" Classic just 2mos ago from a private party.

    Maybe it is some kind of software bug or something easily fixed without having to do a hard reset and deal with all the things data I might lose if I have to do a reset. Any help much appreciated -
    Just since yesterday -(before that apps opened and worked without this issue):BB apps keep spontaneously minimizing or closing mid task on its own, and android apps will not even open (black never-ending screen)

    JAVASCRIPT ALERT accsess to "http://device./4seeresults.com/detect?accessToken=1044315147&ua=Mozilla/5.0%20(BB10;%20kbd)%20AppleWebKit/537.35+%20(KHTML,%20like%Gecko)%20Version10.3.500% 20Mobile%20Safari/537.35+"not allowed.

    NOTE- blue hyperlink font was not on orig error message

    Posted via CB10
    06-14-15 08:17 PM
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    Isn't a developer OS? Someone here my know more, but you might want to load a different 10.3.2 leak if you continue to have issues. I'm running on my Z10 and it seems very stable.
    06-15-15 12:59 AM

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