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    So we have Att Z10's and Verizon Z30's....for various reasons (corporate policy/politics) we cannot use an autoloader or Sachesi to update these devices. However I have heard that if the devices are fully unlocked (they are) and if we install another carrier's SIM, we will be able to receive that carrier's updates.

    1.) is this true?

    2.) which carriers are correct for the above listed devices? Ideally, we would go straight to 10.3.2, but would settle for 10.3.1....it's really all about the notification profiles for us.

    3.) are there any carriers that wil work with the above devices that don't make changes to the standard BB release? Such as tweaks, and bloat?

    As always, thanks in advance for all your help!
    06-07-15 12:54 AM
  2. thurask's Avatar
    1) Yes, if the other carrier also provides updates for the phone. So a Verizon Z30 will only ever get updates on Verizon's terms, whereas an AT&T Z10 on, say, T-Mobile would get whatever T-Mobile has for the Z10.

    2) If you want the latest software via a SIM upgrade, find one from Canada. Won't work for Verizon phones, though.

    3) Tweaks are dependent on the SIM installed, not the OS. So, say if AT&T likes to hobble their OSs, the same OS but not on AT&T would have restored functionality. Bloat is too; they can be removed after install.

    So, in short, your Verizon Z30s are at the mercy of Verizon for updates. But, if you nab a Canadian SIM, you can update your AT&T Z10s to 10.3.1.
    06-07-15 01:24 AM

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